Used Books

Auntie's is pleased to offer used books as well as new!  We receive used books from our customers (see below for guidelines) and our used books are shelved right alongside our new ones in their respective sections. In addition, we have a small selection of bargain books on our mezzanine which have been reduced to clearance. 

Unfortunately, our used books are not searchable on our website.  If you are looking for a used copy of a particular book, feel free to give us a call to check and see if we have one!

Used Book Trading Hours:
Sunday - Thursday  12pm - 5pm

Used Book Trade-In Guidelines

Auntie's gives store credit (never cash) for used books taken at a rate of approximately 20% of the new or original price. We limit used book trade-in customers to ONE bag of books per day and, due to limited space, we primarily take books that we believe we can sell quickly.  It will be in the best interest of Auntie's and trade-in customers to keep the following general guidelines in mind:

  • Books should be in clean, readable condition with no torn or missing pages and no highlighting or other marks. Books should not smell of smoke, animals or any other strong odors.

  • No textbooks, ex-library books, encyclopedias or advanced readers copies.

  • Auntie's prefers paperback editions over hardcovers-- unless the hardcover is the only edition currently available.

  • Auntie's generally avoids oversized art, music, film, display and "coffee table" books as well as outdated cooking, diet, travel, and computer books.

  • Children's books should be in pristine condition.  Auntie's is mostly interested in current chapter books and children's classics.  Current nonfiction children's books will also be considered.  No board books or seasonal holiday books.

  • Graphic novels of all types will be considered but preference will be given to current and popular titles.

  • An Auntie's Used Books Desk staffer must be on hand to check in books for trade-in credit.  Please do not drop off books on days or times when the Used Desk is closed.  You will not receive credit for them and Auntie's will assume them to be abandoned.

  • Customers' books not taken for credit must be picked up within three days.  Books not picked up after three days will become subject to donation and/or disposal.  We simply do not have room to store rejected books for more than a few days.